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John is a local musician who is often found popping up in local folk clubs.
Playing guitar and singing he may appear as a solo act or as a welcome addition to other acts.
This unassuming man seems to gather other musicians like a magnet and because of his
flexibility is much sought after for the occasional band who want a singer guitarist to fill out their line-up.

He appeared at Bury Folk Festival in 2016 as John O’Kane and Beaux Sons together with Josie
Higgins, Helen Bird & Ricky Ware to give us an excellent performance.

John, Josie and Leo have been playing music together for a number of years in the East Anglia region.
Their differing background of styles – Celtic, classical, jazz funk and Americana folk – now melded together to create a mix of wistful melodies.

John plays vintage Gibson Blue Ridge dating back to 1950’s. The rich tones of the guitar and
John’s performance are always appreciated.

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